GEO Pump (15 litres/min)

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Unlike our other pumps for your campervans - this one is not submersible, it is designed to be used inline. This 12volt pump is suitable for continuous operation and it can run dry up to 2 hours without damage. It is for hoses with 10mm inner diameter.

Typically this kind of pump would be used if you have a water tank slung under your van - you then have an outlet pipe towards the bottom of your tank. This pump then goes 'inline' with that outlet pipe and will pull/push water to your tap.


Not suitable for under-body tanks as the pump will cavitate unless pre-primed with water. The pump needs to be located below the level of the water tank. For the situation where your pump is located above the height of the water tank, you will need to use a diaphragm pump such as those from Sureflow.

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