Blue Spade Connnector Female Insulated - 1.5- 2.5mm2 Conductor size (Pack of 50)

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The fully insulated 6.3mm blue female spade terminal, used for joining automotive electric cables, for 6.30mm spade terminals or components that have a 6.3mm spade termination. Female insulated blade receptacles allow for easy assembly and disassembly of a wiring loom and components.


  • Conductor size: 1.5mm² to 2.5mm² (21-35 0.30mm)
  • Colour coded: blue
  • Push-on size: 6.30mm
  • To suit medium-duty automotive cable
  • Fits male spade connectors 0-001-13 and piggy-back 0-001-15
  • Pack quantity: 50

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