200W Modified Sinewave Inverter

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Using electrical or electronic devices off-grid in a camper, or any recreational vehicle requires a power supply such as a battery, but then you'll also need to convert the DC input supply to an AC output for your device. This handy 200w Modified Sinewave Inverter is a small and flexible inverter which will keep everything running smoothly.

If you're wondering which size inverter you'll need... inverters are sized by the output in Watts, eg. 500W, 1000W. To work out which size inverter you need, we need to work out how much power (Watts) the devices you want to run from it will use, then add another 15% to allow for a little overhead. You should then pick an inverter with at least that continuous wattage.

If you know how many amps your device will draw but not the wattage it is a simple calculation to get the watts:


So, if you have a device that draws 1.5 Amps, it is 1.5 x 230 which give us 345W so a 500W inverter would suffice.

Our power inverters all have overload protection which means if you do try to run more than it can handle it will shut down until the overload is removed.

Devices with induction motors such as power tools and particularly those that start under load, such as compressors and pumps may require 2 to 6 times their wattage rating during startup, so allow some extra overhead if using these kinds of devices.


  • Small Dimension: The unit measures only 14.5cm long by 7.6cm wide and 5.4cm high
  • Two Voltage Levels: 12V DC or 24V DC Input, 100-120V AC or 220-240V AC Output power
  • Output Frequency: 50-60HZ ±3 in a Modified Sine Wave form
  • Input Protections: Alarm and automatic shutdown when battery low, plus prevention of reversed polarity or over-voltage
  • Output Protections: Automatic shutdown in event of over-voltage, overload or over-heating. Soft-start with automatic reset after any low voltage shutdown
  • Low Power Consumption: No load current draw, goes to standby when not in use
  • Cooling Fan: Temperature or load-controlled cooling fan keeps unit cool.
  • This simple microprocessor device will enable you to power your basic devices such as a phone charger, digital clock, light bulb or heater. It comes complete with both cigarette lighter plug and battery cord connections

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