12v Control Panel (Modern Equivalent of Zig)

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A very straightforward control panel for your conversion project. Designed to fit onto the side of a piece of furniture or onto your wall lining panels, this control panel gives you all the information, control and safety features you need in a simple campervan.


The CBE frame shown is not included but these are available to order separately in your choice of colour, to provide a very professional finish. Just look around in our Electrical Components category for the 3-way frames.

We have some additional information about wiring these control panels and installing them into our Support pages here: How to wire up a Bonus Control Panel


  • Master power switch to totally disconnect your leisure battery and avoid accidental power use. (Note - it is actually designed to allow you to switch your 12v circuits over to your car battery as an extra option but we never use that feature as it seems un-necessarily complicated)
  • Voltage meter - when your battery is charging the needle will to spring up to the right, as it is drained down it points off down to the left. Easy! 
  • 3 x switches with inline fuses for your 12v circuits. They are labelled up for Lights, Water Pump, and Auxiliary, but obviously you can use them whatever way best fits your needs


  • Furniture cut out hole size: 150mm wide x 50mm high
  • Depth required 60mm for cabling/fuse holders

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