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Here at Kiravans we have a keen focus on exclusive product design.  We’re always on the lookout for the next product we can develop and launch to upgrade and improve the living space in your campervan. 

Our philosophy is simple... to make life uncomplicated and easier for you day to day, in the exciting world of campervanning.

Our main design challenge is to always find the best workable solution of a product which will give you the ease and value for money that we feel is so very important.  We want you to enjoy and upgrade your campervan in both comfort and style.

Our hero invention is the revolutionary Kiravans Double Seat Swivel which is compatible with VW T4, T5 and T6 models as well as Trafic, Vivaro and Primastar vans. It really is a brilliant invention because our design-protected seat swivel enables the seat to be spun 180 degrees to face into the van’s living area.  Yes...there are cheaper copies out there on the market...but we feel it is important to advise you that the Kiravans Double Seat Swivel is the only T5/T6 double swivel seat on the market today with full TUV safety approval.

Other exciting products we’ve launched are the Kiravans RedBed, Kiravans Door Store, and Kiravans Railsail.

The RedBed is a superb sleeping invention for children that provides a safe, fun and comfortable place for your little one to sleep.

Our Door Store is a storage genius and simply utilises the otherwise redundant door cavities that are hidden behind the panels. It can be installed in minutes and has multiple storage pockets that will help keep your campervan spick and span.

Or, how about our ever so popular Kiravans Railsail?  A wonderful invention that attaches to the side of your van and gives you shelter and shade, rain or shine.  

With more exciting products in development you can be sure that whenever we launch our new products, you’ll find it highly effective and you’ll really want to find a space for it in your campervan conversion!

Please take the time to browse our ‘Designed by Kiravans’’ll be sure to find something that will help improve and upgrade your campervan and living space.