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Sucker with Ring - for Silver Screens
Cobalt Drill Bits 2.5mm for Curtain Rail Fitting (Pack of 2)
No ETA info available
10mm Spline Driver Bit (12 Point Torx)
Expected 30-45 days
Rubber Ends - for Barn Door Awning Poles
Curtain Fitting Accessories Bag (Black)
Curtain Fitting Accessories Bag (Grey)
Tieback with Popper (Black)
Tieback with Popper (Grey)
End Stops Pair (Black)
End Stops Pair (Grey)
Curtain Gliders
M8 Nyloc Nut
M6 x 20 Countersunk Bolt - Stainless
M6 x 20 Socket Button Screws
No ETA info available
M8 x 20 Countersunk Bolt
M8 x 40 Countersunk Bolt