Leaving school left me wondering what path to follow, opportunities were everywhere - anywhere I went! Narrowing down job and qualification options to convenience, education and interest was one of the hardest decisions. After exploring my options my attention was brought to a business qualification, however, is there a better way to study this qualification rather than being sat in a classroom?

Apprenticeship. That’s the route I took. Experience and qualification all in one, with real life tasks and jobs that allow me to develop my work ethic. I originally started my qualification at a different company where travel to work became hard. I began searching until I stumbled across Kiravans, which looked like a really interesting and fun business selling campervan conversion products... with everything from campervan windows, seat swivels, campervan curtains and campervan conversion kits! Soon after my interview with my apprenticeship mentors I knew it was the company where I wanted to be and belonged.

From a business perspective I was intrigued and fascinated by how many different aspects an e-commerce business holds… purchasing, marketing and accounting stood out to me. My main job role within the company is supporting the purchasing and accounts department, this includes many daily tasks that test my knowledge. The beauty of an apprenticeship is that you learn each day by jobs you do within your company and receive constant support. Meanwhile, you have an ‘target’ you are working towards… your qualification.

Being able to receive a qualification at the end of your apprenticeship is like a run for success, each day jogging towards your targets and achieving your goals. If you keep jogging and do not give up through the tough obstacles you finally meet with the finish line where you get rewarded with your Business Administration qualification. This is a big motivation to keep going, as well as your colleagues ‘shouting and cheering’ you on at the side line with support to fulfill your educational needs.

Kiravans has opened a new gateway for me...developed my knowledge. No day is the same, so this means new challenges appear… complex equations from the accounts or raising purchase orders with the purchasing department.

With great support from all colleagues at Kiravans, I have finished my level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship in January 2020. Now with determination for success I am taking on level 3 for in depth knowledge about business management and different departments within my workplace. You could say I am taking everything as it comes and fighting all obstacles on the way.

Personally, I think apprenticeships are very valuable.  Not only am I being well educated, but I’m also more mature and professional because of this fantastic opportunity. My apprenticeship has given me a sense of direction and of the real world out there...if you work hard you will achieve.