I was in the Sixth Form at school, hoping to eventually go to University, but after a year or so I realised that I wanted to do something more hands-on...something that allowed me to work but potentially earn at the same time. 

I really enjoyed fixing cars because it was a hobby of mine, and what I had enjoyed doing with my friends for some time.  So, I decided to look for an apprenticeship in mechanics. It felt the most natural route to take as it combined my love of cars along with earning a salary!

After I had completed my first year in Sixth Form, I was offered a Level 3 Mechanics Apprenticeship at Halfords Autocentre. I jumped at the chance because classroom based learning just wasn’t really for me, and I wanted to find something more hands-on.  I believed that an apprenticeship would be far more rewarding and allow me to gain invaluable experience and qualifications within my career interest.

After I completed my apprenticeship, I decided to take 10 months out to go travelling whilst I still had the chance before getting settled in a full time job. During this time I worked in numerous bars and restaurants and I realised that I really enjoyed interacting with customers instead of being stuck in the back of a garage with very little customer interaction!

So, after I returned from travelling, I decided to apply for a job at Kiravans.  I researched about the online campervan conversion parts business and felt it was a job where I could use my mechanics experience combined with the customer service knowledge I’d gained throughout my travels.

I was excited because I really believed this would be the perfect career path for me and combined the two things I loved doing. 

I have now been with Kiravans for over a year as a full time member of the customer service team, and I love it! 

I’ve learnt so much about the fantastic world of campervan conversions and more than I thought possible! 

For me, I really do believe that my apprenticeship as a Car Mechanic has helped me significantly in my career, because it has given me confidence to speak to our trade customers on a technical level. I believe it helps that I can see things from their point of view and have productive conversations and the ability to offer product and technical support too.  

I’m very happy with how my career path has mapped out so far, and look forward to seeing where it takes me in the future!