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Barn Door Lifestyle Bundle


Another great bundle! Save £25 when purchasing these items together. Simply choose your barn door awning (with or without spoiler).


What's included?

1 x Barn door Awning T5 / T6

Shelter from heavy rain or intense sun with our innovative rear Barndoor awning for VW T5 / T6.

Designed and manufactured exclusively for Kiravans. Our new rear T5 campervan awning provides shelter to the back end of your van and really opens up the usable space. It is great when sitting on the back of the bed and soaking up a beautiful view. The kids love it too as they now have their own private little area to play or watch a DVD.

  • Totally waterproof: Sheds rainwater towards the vans intended water channels.
  • Rugged, windproof construction and double stitched seams.
  • Unique 3-piece, aluminium pole system clips into van door latches.
  • No guylines or pegs to trip over and it can go up anywhere.
  • Computer designed and cut to ensure an accurate and super-tight fit.
  • Put it up in just over one minute ...and down again in seconds!
  • Hard wearing storage bag included.
  • Colour: Black

Note: If you have a van with spoiler

This is essentially the same design as the normal barn door awning but we have added in some tailoring so it can get over the top of your spoilers. It is a little tighter to fit so you may find you need to hook it over the outside corners of your door BEFORE tightening up the straps attached to your door hinges. We have tested this with a couple of different spoiler designs but there are more versions out there that we have not yet tried. Please - if you find it does not work on your particular spoilers do let us know what you've got on your van & what the problem is. We'll happily take the awning back for a full refund.


1 x Kiravans Rear DoorStore

Normally the doors are simply covered in a piece of carpeted board - wasting the valuable voids in one of the doors. You generally also find that a carpeted board does not allow the internal handle trim to fit back into position neatly, the extra bulk of the carpet just gets in the way of the original trim clips.  Kiravans Barn Door DoorStore includes 2 pieces:

a) The pocket side (right-hand side of the van) makes use of the voids in the door to create three useful storage pockets.

b) The handle side (left-hand side) is simply a flat sheet with the handle hole cut out so that you can have a uniform finish on both doors. Unfortunately, there is no useful storage space in this door.

  • Designed by Kiravans
  • Manufactured in the UK from tough textured plastic
  • Textured factory look finish in grey to complement your existing OEM panels
  • Install in minutes
  • Instant extra storage
  • No loss of living space
  • Wipe clean in seconds
  • Includes 3 separate storage pockets
  • 25 x 'longer' panel trim clips in grey for quick installation are included
  • Suitable for both UK & EU vans vans 
  • Suitable for vans without rear wiper only. If you have a wiper system then the top pocket clashes with the wiper mechanism.


How to fit the Door Store:

1) Remove whatever is currently on your door panel

2) Present the panel to your door, aligning the CNC cut holes with the OEM fixing holes in your door

3) Push in your poppers very firmly. Note that one of the poppers on each side will need the tip to be cut off with a utility knife before fitting. There is one point on each door where the poppers cannot go in completely (top row, the corner nearest the centre-line of the van) so you need to make the popper fixing 5mm shorter by trimming the tip off before installation.

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Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
You're reviewing: Barn Door Lifestyle Bundles | Save £25
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Barn Door Lifestyle Bundles | Save £25

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